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Welcome To Holmes Chapel Photo Archives

This page gives you guidance on how to use the site and the different facilities available.  If you have any further questions, please contact us by the Contact Us menu item.

When using this site as a Registered User, please bear in mind the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when registering.

The facilities on the site are available to 2 different kinds of user, Casual Browsers and Registered Users.

This Help guide covers:

The Casual Browser

The Casual Browser can view the entire collection of photographs on the site.  There are two ways to do this.

  1.  The Galleries menu item will take you to a screen which allows you to view pre-determined categories of photographs.  The categories are: Events, Agriculture, Industry, Buildings, Education, Street Scene, Transport, Green Spaces and People.  Clicking on any Gallery title will display the collection.  If you click on any photo in the Gallery, you will be shown all the relevant information about that photo.
  2. Use the search images icon.  If you click on the search images, you can display photographs from our archive according to the search criteria you input.

Using the Search.

The search screen allows you to input criteria for searching all of our photos in the collection. There are a number of ways you can make searches:

  • You can use the image ID which is displayed on each image – just type the four digit number
  • You can use the name of any gallery
    1. Agriculture
    2. Buildings
    3. Education
    4. Events
    5. Green Spaces
    6. Industry
    7. People
    8. Street Scene
    9. Transport

And you can refine this search to a particular year, for example 1910 – Events, which will display all images for the year 1910 in the Events gallery.

  • You can input a key word or string of words which appear in the Title, Parish or Description of the image

Here is a few example keyword searches. See below:

  • If you type in the keyword ‘Church’ in the search box and press search images you will return images that contain the keyword ‘Church’.
  • If you type in the keyword ‘St Lukes’ in the search box and press search images you will return images that contain the keyword ‘St Lukes’.

The more information you provide the better the search will work.

The Registered User

If you register on the site, then extra facilities are available to you, such as uploading photos and downloading or printing photos. When registered a record will be kept of images you upload and down load for audit purposes.

How to register

  1. Click on the Register menu item.
  2. Provide the information required by the form (note all fields are mandatory and you must agree to the Terms and Conditions).
  3. Your application will be sent to the site Administrator for approval.  You will receive an email to your supplied email address once your application has been approved.

Your registration Information

By clicking on the your name at top right on the screen after Login, you can:

  1. Edit your Profile – This allows you to change your profile picture or any associated text that you have added.
  2. My Account – This allows you to:
    1. Change details of your login account
    2. Changing your password
    3. Perform actions related to the privacy of the data we hold about you, including erasing it.
    4. Delete your Account
  3.  Logout (this can also be done from the Logout menu item at the top of any screen)

Extra facilities available after you are approved and Logged in to the site.

In addition to the facilities already explained under the Casual User section, as a member of the site you will now be able to:

Upload photographs

You can upload a photo to the site by selecting ‘Upload Photo’ from the menu bar.  The formats supported are jpg/tiff/png.  The maximum guideline size for a photo is 5mb.   Photos larger than this will be reduced automatically to 5mb.  Larger photos may take a considerable time to upload.

Browse for and select your photo from your device, then input the following in the relevant fields (note all the fields are mandatory):-

  1. The Title of your photo
  2.  A free format description of your photo.  Please try to include relevant information that will allow users who are searching for photos to identify yours.  For instance, if it is a view of an event, describe the event, if it is a view of a shop, name the shop, if you know it.  Please do not name individuals unless you have their, or their family’s permission.
  3. The date of the photo.  If you do not know it enter your best guess. YOU MUST ENTER A DATE
  4. The relevant Parish the photo refers to.
  5. The relevant topic area of the photo from the list shown.  You can select more than 1 topic area.

Your photo and data will be sent to an Administrator for approval before appearing on the site.  You will be sent an email when the photo is approved or rejected.

Adding Information to an existing photo

If you see a photo on the site which you can add information about, click on the ‘Speech Bubble’ button.  In the Text box provided labelled POST COMMENT type the additional information that you think should be added to the photo.  Your amendment will be sent to an Administrator for approval and you will be informed by email when the amendment is approved or rejected.  If approved, your additional text will be displayed with the photo in future.

Downloading/Printing a photo

As a registered user, you can download or print a photo from the site.  Click on  the ‘Download’ button when the photo is being displayed in the download gallery.  The photo will be downloaded in its original size (or reduced size if it was larger than 5mb) and format.  Only the photo will be downloaded, no associated details will be downloaded or printed. Only registered users can download photos.

If you have any questions, please use the ‘Contact Us’ menu item to get in touch.