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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Posting Images
    1. Photographs should only be posted with the permission of the photograph owner
    2. Images which in the view of the administrator do not have historical value will not be uploaded
    3. Images less than 10 years old which include children will only be uploaded with the written permission of a parent or guardian unless already published elsewhere
    4. By posting the photograph you give permission for the photograph to be downloaded by any user of the site
    5. Photographs will not be ‘watermarked’ in order not to degrade the image
    6. Images are posted on the understanding that this web site is not for profit and no commercial advantage is gained.
  • Updating Images
    1. New text information can be added to an existing image by the originator or a third party.  This will need approval of the administrator. No original information or subsequent additions will be deleted except by the administrator.
  • Downloading Images
    1. Images can be downloaded for personal use only. This includes use in reports or articles which are produced not for profit.
    2. Images are not to be used for commercial purposes unless permission has been obtained from the administrator.
  • Site Management and Ownership
    1. The site is owned by the Holmes Chapel and District U3A. They are responsible for ensuring continued operation  of the site
    2. The site will be managed on a day to day basis by the Local History Group of the Holmes Chapel and District U3A. The History Group will provide trained administrators to control registration and site activity.
    3. In the event that the Local History Group is closed down then the Holmes Chapel and District U3A will take over responsibility until suitable arrangements can be made.
    4. If day to day administration is no longer possible the site will be frozen and arrangements made to continue its operation without the facility to add new images.
    5. In the event that the Holmes Chapel and District U3A ceases to function the site will be deposited with the Congleton Museum.